Duraks Gold Plaster natural coating and odorless not harmful to your health. Heat insulation for your home and other life areas.

Duraks Gold Plaster covered your wall (CRACKS, HOLES) and turn off any repairs perfectly without further processing.

Duraks Gold Plaster is great for sound insulation and moistures, retentive can diffuse the sound waves and control air humidity.

Duraks Gold Plaster material works both ways, hot and cold. It slows the transfer of temperature the inside and outside air.

Duraks Gold Plaster can be used to implement any design ideas on the walls and ceiling; experimenting with different textures and colors.


With Duraks Gold Plaster use 10 Litres for 1 pack. Leave the kneaded batch for recommended period 20 minute after apply plastic decorative trowel maximum of 2 mm tick and allowed to dry.

Note: 1 pack of DURAKS GOLD PLASTER covers a minimum of 4 m. Drying time depending on seasonal conditions. 20C' for 48 hours. 5C' below shall not apply.